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South Africa Tax Calculator: Simplifying Income Tax Calculations

The South Africa Income Tax Calculator provides calculation of salary associated taxes with the minimum of fuss.

The You can calculate income tax deductions on salary using our tax calculator will produce a full tax calculation based on just your salary. This makes the South Africa Tax calculator a great tool for comparing salaries when looking at new or comparative jobs in other companies, markets or industries.

The income tax calculator includes advanced tax calculations which allow you to include pension deductions, add age related tax allowances and more.

Once you have entered your details, you can then select what type of tax calculation you would like to produce. For example, you may want to see the full calculations that are used to calculate your salary or you may want to see how much it costs your employer to employ you. There are several outputs available and we can add new layouts on request (payslip for example).

South Africa Income Tax Calculator

  • PAYE Calculations

    South Africa uses a Pay As You Earn (PAYE) income taxation system, this approach allows the tax office to collect tax when you get paid. This works well for employees and the tax man as tax is collected at source meaning no messy end-of-tax year lump sum tax payments for employees. It benefits the tax man as there is a regular flow of tax income into the government which allows for more balanced cashflow and investment in civil projects and infrastructure.

    The South Africa Tax Calculator calculates your PAYE and will provide a clear calculation output which shows how much income tax you pay in each tax threshold.

  • Pension, Provident Fund and RA Contributions

    Contributing to a Pension can significantly reduce your income tax bill and increase your salary. Employer contributions to your Pension fund mean that you receive a larger salary package and increase the size of your pension pot.

    The income tax calculator allows you to add pension and RA amounts so that you can see how much you and your employer contribute into your pension each month, year etc. The tax calculation also illustrates how much you save on income tax payments by investing in a pension for your future.

  • Medical Aid, Expenses and misc. deductions and expenses

    Income tax calculations are no limited to your income, the amount you contribute to Medical Aid, your expenses and other incomes and expenditures also form part of your overall income tax calculations.

    The South Africa Income Tax Calculator allows you to enter different figures so you can compare your income tax bill. This means you can work out how best to invest or spend your money to get the best tax solution for your personal and family situation.

Simplifying Income Tax Calculations

The South Africa Income Tax Calculator is an organic tool that is refined to suit our users (YOU) needs. If you would like a new feature or additional tax information or outputs added to the tax calculator, simply contact us and we add the feature onto the tool. There are no charges for the changes, our aim is to make our tax calculators work for our community, your help and support is all we ask in return. The South Africa Tax Calculator is developed and maintained by the team at iCalculator, you can find tax calculators for alternate countries there.